I strive to live my life by three virtues: courage, generosity, and eloquence. These values lead one to introspect, change his mind, devote time, demonstrate empathy, and communicate effectively. Needless to say, many times, I miss the mark.

I work as a backend engineer, mainly designing distributed systems. In another life, however, I would’ve pursued an academic position or become a journalist to have the freedom of researching the world.

On the intellectual side, I juxtapose many technical and non-technical interests. I remember spending many nights reading about how efficient the financial market really is and how to derive fair valuations for different financial securities. I ended up getting a degree in financial mathematics, and somehow, I rekindled my interest in creating thinking machines.

In the nonmaterial, I navigate different schisms between reason and revelation. I am always open to discuss divine decree, free will, predestination, the eternity of the world, and universal salvation. It’s fascinating how these topics intertwine and give rise to many different creeds.

After traveling extensively, leveraging remote work, I decided to settle in Boston and live a semi-slow-paced life, enjoying the little things life has to offer. I enjoy roaming the wilderness, which reminds me of how insignificant creations we all are. I also like to write since it blends my love of ideas and words.

The famous Marcus Aurelius once wrote to himself in his Meditations. “Soon, you will have forgotten everything. Soon, everybody will have forgotten you.” Moreover, the most prolific Andalusian, Abd al-Rahman III, once numbered the days of pure and genuine happiness, which have fallen to his lot. They amounted to fourteen. His advice was: “Place not thy confidence in this present world!” If a Pax Romana Emperor and the self-proclaimed Umayyad Caliph couldn’t trust the promises of this life, why do we?

Pet Projects

In no order

  1. Project Nash
  2. Reinforcement Learning Playbook
  3. Islamic Timeline (best on phone)
  4. Everything Financial Engineering
  5. Everything Macroeconomics
  6. Computational Biology
  7. Game Theory Panoply: Lemke-Howson, Minmax, Simplex
  8. Reinforcement Learning Everything
  9. Karpathy Pong
  10. Monte Carlo Tree Search
  11. Computational Biology

Current Interests

In no order


  1. Reinforcement Learning and Moravec’s Paradox
  2. Game Theory
  3. Reimann Hypothesis


  1. Theology
  2. Stoicism